10 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas

eco friendly kitchens 10 Eco Friendly Kitchen IdeasAfter a lot of issue on our environment preservatives, it is sensible that we will want eco-friendly kitchen on the house. Here are several interesting and stylish ideas to make your kitchen an eco-friendly one.

#1: VOC Free Paints

You may need to apply the paints three times more than usual to get the colours you always wanted. However, this kind of paint is not only eco but also people friendly.

#2: Energy Star Rocks!

You will need so many appliances for your kitchen. To make the room eco-friendly, you can replace your old appliances with ones labelled with Energy Star. It uses smaller amount of energy.

energy star kitchen appliances 10 Eco Friendly Kitchen Ideas#3: Natural Material

Bamboo becomes a real trend right now. They have bamboo cutting boards, backsplash, and flooring for the kitchen. Bamboo regenerates fast, and it looks naturally attractive as well.

#4: Recycled Material

This can be for your cabinetry, tables, chairs, and windows as well. Several designers make excellent things using recycled materials, and those look really vintage and wonderful. It will make decorative detail for you.

#5: Fluorescent Lighting

This light is pretty even though not so bright. You can use several more with smart placement. It uses only 50% of energy you commonly use. As a bonus, it makes decorative lighting as well.

#6: Tight Refrigerator Unit

You can try to apply top and bottom for your freezer or refrigerator units. You can also add sides protection to prevent the cold air getting out of it. It is simple but essential.

#7: Old Furniture Repurpose

We do not necessarily have to throw away the old furniture. We can reuse them and maybe repurpose them on several ways. This saves a lot of money and material consuming.

#8: Use Fan

Instead of using constant service on air conditioning, you can try to use fan, so your busy kitchen have great circulation as well. It uses less energy and it looks totally decorative.

#9: Natural Fabric Linens

Kitchen uses a lot of linens like napkins, window and chair dressings, and also tablecloth. Wool and cotton are great choices for you. Other artificial fabric uses too many chemical things.

#10: Have Recycling Station

This is fancy. They also make it handy so you can move it. You can put it on your cabinet as well for easy access. It helps you to save energy and material.

The more combinations you use for the kitchen will make the room even more eco-friendlier. You will be able to find all you need on retail too. You will like the look too, and as a bonus, you will save some money.

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